Anna Sharma or Annapurna Sharma (अन्ना शर्मा in Nepali) is a Nepali actress. She debuted as an actress with the film Jerryy opposite Anmol K.C. In Jerryy, Anna plays as Akansha, a career-focused Kathmandu-girl, passionate about photography.

Anna was born on 24 May 1995 in Kathmandu and completed her primary education and the Cambridge A levels from a reputed school in the city. Anna’s mother Rachana Gurung Sharma is also a former model and has worked as a Choreographer in the Miss Nepal Competition events.

Anna Sharma
Anna Sharma in 2015.


Native Name: अन्ना शर्मा

Born:  24 May 1995, Kathmandu

Profession: Actress

Notable Work: Jerryy

Hobbies: reading fiction


Anna said in an interview given to Kantipur Daily, Nepal’s top-selling broadsheet, that she grew up seeing the paparazzi fame of hollywood actors and actresses and secretly wished to be in public limelight someday. An avid reader of English fiction books, Anna wants to further her career in the Nepali movie industry, but also on fashion designing.

On one occasion, she advised fellow actors and actresses to read as many books as possible saying that books widen the horizon of thinking and forming perspectives.

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As of 2016, Anna lives in Kathmandu with her parents and sisters Amalia Sharma, Ahilya Rajika Sharma and a brother. Anna’s sister Amalia Sharma is also an actress. She played a supporting role in the movie Jerry as Pugi.

Anna’s original name is Annapurna Sharma, named after a popular mountain in Nepal, however, she shortened it and made it Anna or sometimes referred as simply Ana.

Anna Sharma & Anmol KC

A few Nepali tabloids reported in recent years that actor Anmol KC and Anna were in a romantic relationship and were dating as a couple, but Anmol and Anna have rejected the claims. Though they have appeared in many movie-promotional events together, they have stated that they are just very close friends. In a video interview given to a Nepali online media, Anmol says that as co-actors it’s natural for them to form a type of close bond, which doesn’t necessarily mean that they are in a romantic relationship.

Anmol KC and Anna Sharma

When asked about Anmol KC in a 2015 interview, Anna said:

” I like boys for their personality and Anmol has a good personality. I was attracted to his personality since we first met. He respects other people and I like that.” 

Apart from praising Anmol, she also offered a few pieces of advice to Anmol:

“He has good looks. He has good height. He has good acting skills too. Actually he is an overall package. I have watched his 2 movies, but would say that he still needs to work-out to improve his acting skills. I am not saying that he is a bad actor. He has to improve his dialogue skills in the movies. He has to pay attention while pronouncing Nepali words. And it seems that he doesn’t read books that much and I advise him to read as many books as possible.”

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