Barsha Lekhi

Barsha or Barsa Lekhi ( वर्षा लेखी in Nepali) is a Nepali model, beauty queen, and a contestant of the Miss Nepal beauty pageant competition 2016. In the Miss Nepal 2016 contest, held in the Hotel Annapurna on 8 April 2016, Barsha was declared second runner up.

As the second runner up of the competition, Barsha got the title of Miss Nepal International 2016. In the contest, she also won the Miss Popular subtitle.

Barsha participated in the Miss Nepal competition 2016 as contestant number 14. Barsha was the only participant from the Tharu indigenous community.

In the Miss Nepal contestant feature of the Nepali tabloid Kantipur Saptahik, Barsha said that her aim in life is to be a politician and work for the oppressed ethnic minorities of Nepal. She also said that she enjoys dancing and painting.

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Native Name: 
वर्षा लेखी

Born: 1994, Mahottari

Title(s): Miss Nepal International 2016

Education: BSc, Environmental Science

Height: 5ft 6″



Barsha was born in 1994 in Phattepur Mahottari. After her School Leaving Certificate (SLC) Exams Barsha went to to pursue a higher secondary education in Science and completed a Bachelor of Science (Bsc) specialising in environmental science.

Barsha says that her aim in life is to be a politician and work for the oppressed ethnic minorities of Nepal.

When asked about her participation in the Miss Nepal competition, she said that she participated in the competition because she wanted to use the platform of Miss Nepal to raise voice against the exploitative Kamlari and Kamaiya system in Nepal. If won the competition, she said, she would be able to push the issues of the Tharu community to make a mainstream issue in Nepal.

Before participating in the Miss Nepal Competition, Barsha didn’t take part in any other beauty pageant or modelling competitions.

Barsha in modern dress.
Barsha in modern dress.
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