Dinesh Adhikari Chari was a notorious ganster and a member of the CPN (UML), a democratic communist party in Nepal. Accused of more than a dozen criminal cases, he was also famous because of his relationship with model Khusbu Oli. Chari was killed on 6 August 2014 in a crossfire with Nepal police in Bhimdhunga, Kathmandu.

Early Life & Criminal Activities

Dinesh Adhikari Chari was born in Tripureshwor VDC ward no. 7, Achane Bhanjyang Gairigaun, Dhading, Nepal, into a middle class family. He was the youngest son of her parents who worked as farmers in the village. While Chari entered the underworld, his brothers worked in the tourism sector.

Dinesh Adhikari Chari

After completing the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) examinations, Chari went to Kathmandu and started studying in Saraswati Campus. According to his friends he was not into alcohol or drugs and didn’t even smoke a cigarette. However, he was highly ambitious personality and wanted to make a lot of money quickly.

Slowly Dinesh Adhikari Chari came into contact with local dons of Nayabazar, Kathmandu where his college was located, and started working for them. Initially, Chari used to extort money as weekly ‘hafta’ from local businessmen and invest that amount into casino loans in extremely high interest rates. At a point Chari decided to break away from his previous gangster group and decided to form his own. Reportedly, he had around 30 gangsters in his group and took care of them very well.

Chari’s criminal activities expanded from hafta collection to more serious types. Among others, he was accused of attempted murders, smuggling of Yarshagumba, rhino horns and of extortions.

Chari was his nickname given by his friends. Chari means a little bird in Nepal. Chari was initially physically lean and swift and got this name for that demeanor.

Political Life, Love Life & Death

Dinesh Adhikari Chari built up political connections to get government contacts and helped political leaders financially. First a member of the Nepali Congress party, he switched political affiliation presumably for better protection. He was Vice-President of an election constituent committee of CPN UML, Dhading-1.

Dinesh Adhikari Chari’s love affair with model Khusbu Oli has been a subject of constant media attention since his death. Khusbu has provided contradictory details of as to how she met Chari. Once she said that Chari came with a street kid to her shelter home and their sustained contact continued as a love affair. In an another account she said that since she had captured passport of her former boyfriend Arpan Koirala, as he had fraudulently taken Khusbu’s money, Chari was used by Arpan as a gangster to get his passport back. According to Khusbu, since Chari saw the reality, he kept her side and started pressurize Arpan to payback Khusbu’s money. Khusbu believes that because of that Arpan plotted Chari’s murder. Arpan has denied the accusation.

Chari was killed in a police crossfire on 6 August 2014, in Bhimdhunga Kathmandu. He was shot dead by police with 8 bullets in his chest and abdomen. Police found a pistol and a few unused bullet from the scene.

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