Khusbu Oli (1990-) is a Nepali model and a social worker. Khusbu came to media limelight after winning the Miss Teen competition in 2006 and after the death of Nepali don Dinesh Adhikari ‘Chari’ in 2014, as his girlfriend. Khusbu also runs a shelter home for street children in Kathmandu.

Khusbu oli
Khusbu oli in 2015.
Name in Nepali: खुस्बु ओली
Born: 15 Sept 1990
Profession: Model, Social Worker
Alma Mater: Kingston University

Early life, Education & Miss Teen

Khusbu Oli was born in 1990 into a Brahmin family of eastern Nepal. At the age of 10 she had won the Little Lady title, a beauty pageant of kids, in Kathmandu. While accepting the crown she said that she would one day become like Mother Teresa and serve the needy. She has said in one interview that her father wanted to see her become like Indira Gandhi or Benazir Bhutto.

Khusbu completed her School Leaving Leaving Certificate (SLC) exams in 2005 from the Kathmandu University High School and went on to pursue higher secondary education in management from Xavier Academy, Kathmandu. In 2006, she competed and won the Miss Teen competition, a popular beauty pageant competition for teenage girls in Nepal.

Education Abroad & Social Work

Khusbu was involved in a few philanthropical activities after she became Miss Teen. She also acted in a few music videos and did some commercials. Instead of a modeling career, Khusbu decided to continue her education in the United Kingdom. In 2012 Khusbu completed an undergraduate advanced diploma in British & European studies from the University of Oxford. Between 2012-2013, Khusbu attended Kingston University in southwest London and graduated with an MSc in International Conflict.

Khusbu runs a shelter home for street children in Kathmandu. The organization is named as Shelter. She also worked as President of Human Welfare Group from 2011 to 2013.

Personal Life & Media Limelight

khusbu-oliOn 6 August 2014, Nepal’s notorios don Dinesh Adhikari Chari was killed in a police encounter at Bhimdhunga in Kathmandu. After the event it emerged that Khusbu was his girlfriend and the couple was going to get married within months. Khusbu came out and spoke publicly about her relationship with Chari and accused Nepal police of killing him intentionally. She said in press conferences that Chari’s death was a meticulous plan devised by her former boyfriend Arpan Raj Koirala and a Nepal police official, Kumod Dhungel, who secretly loved her. Both Arpan and Dhungel have denied the accusation.

While speaking of Dinesh Adhikari Chari, in August 2014, Khusbu said:

“I have known Dinesh for about 1.5 years. I first met him when he came with a street kid to my children shelter home. When I first met him, he didn’t seem like a don or a bad person at all. Since then we started meeting regularly.

I liked Dinesh. I didn’t see him as a criminal in anyway. He was a most-wanted because of his criminal activities that he committed as a youngster. For many our relationship was bizarre. But we wanted to be an exemplary couple. I wanted to make him a better person, a completely different person. In fact, I wanted to a new experiment.”  

After Chari’s death, for months, different Nepali tabloids kept on publishing triangular love stories between Khusbu, Arpan and Chari. Khusbu has given different statements about Arpan. At times she has said that they were in a relationship and sometimes has refused him as a boyfriend. On one occasion she said: ”Arpan is my friend. I had helped him to get out of his drug addiction.” She has even accused Arpan of having Daud Ibrahim connections. Khusbu first met Arpan when she was volunteering in a drug-rehabilitation centre in Kathmandu. Arpan was trying to recover from his drug addiction in the same centre.

Lately, the media attention has been fixed on Khusbu’s property investigation and on finding out whether she had received any assets from Chari. In late 2015, Khusbu moved back to the UK and said to be trying to get a PhD place in a London university.

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