Prerana Adhikari ( प्रेरणा अधिकारी in Nepali) is a Nepali model, a non-profit volunteer and a contestant of the Miss Nepal beauty pageant competition 2016. Prior to participating in the Miss Nepal competition, Prerana had not participate in any beauty pageant or competition before.

Prerana Adhikari was born in Dachhi, Kathmandu in 1997 and spent her childhood there. She completed her primary education and the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) level education also from a Kathmandu-based school.

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Prerana Adhikari

Born: 1997, Kathmandu

Profession: Modeling, Non-profit work   

Education: A level, Trinity International College

Height: 5ft 4″



In 2014, Prerana completed a Cambridge A levels from the Trinity International College, Kathmandu and since then started volunteering in a Nepali non-profit Nepali Children’s Education Project (NCEP). On her Instagram Profile, she describes herself as a feminist, but not a man hater.

Prerana Adhikari’s Instagram profile reads: “Yes, I am a feminist. No, I am not a man hater”.    

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In the Miss Nepal contestant feature of the Nepali tabloid Kantipur Saptahik, Prerana says that her aim in life is to be a successful entrepreneur.  She described her experience with the Miss Nepal Competition as beautiful one and hoped to get a fruitful result after a long hard work.

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