Promise Phan (Also known as Promise Tamang Phan), born on 29 July 1989 in Gorkha, Nepal is a make-up artist and a social media star based in California and Los Angeles, USA.

Promise is famous for her transformative makeup techniques and so far has transformed herself to look like several celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Johnny DeppScarlett JohanssonMichael JacksonKate MiddletonKim KardashianAdriana Lima, Selena Gomez and Lady Gaga.

As of April 2015, Phan’s Youtube channel has nearly three million subscribers and she has been featured extensively in international media outlets including the Huffington PostThe Daily Mail UK and has been a guest on ABC’s Good Morning America where she said that she uses her ‘face as a canvass’ for ‘crazy transformations.’ Famous Birthdays listed her as the most popular person born in Nepal.

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Promise Tamang Phan celebrity makeover as Adriana Lima.
Promise Tamang Phan celebrity makeover as Adriana Lima.

Native Name: प्रोमिस तामांग

Born: 29 July 1989, Gurkha, Nepal

Ethnicity: Tamang/ Nepali

Profession: Make-up artist

Spouse: Steve Phan

Religion: Christian

Early Life & Education

“Promise was born as Pratigya Tamang in western Nepal’s Gorkha district and moved to the USA when she was 15”.

Promise was born as Pratigya Tamang in western Nepal’s Gorkha district. She moved to the United States of America at the age of 15. She spent her childhood in Nepal mostly with her grandfather. Promise completed her basic education in Nepal and continued her further studies in the USA. Once in the US, Promise changed her name from Pratigya to Promise, just to make it more Western and easier to pronounce. She has said in her interviews that she was a makeup freak since her childhood and tried all sorts of makeup tricks from her mom’s wardrobe.

YouTube Fame & Makeup Guru Career

Phan’s makeover as Miley Cyrus.

As a lover of Nepali cultural dance, the first YouTube video she posted was of her dancing in a Nepali song. After she watched James Cameroon‘s 2009 international blockbuster Avatar in the theatre, she gave it a try with Avatar’s Naa’vi makeup. The video was posted online on 12 January 2010 and became an instant hit. Since then Promise has done dozens of celebrity makeup transformations and is herself considered an online celebrity. As of April 2015, makeup transformation is her full-time job and she isn’t employed anywhere else.

Personal Life

Promise Tamang Phan is married to Steve Phan, an American citizen of Vietnamese origin. 

Promise Tamang Phan is married to Steve Phan, an American citizen of Vietnamese origin. Steve can be often seen filming Promise’s videos and assists her with technical issues of video-making and post-production. Talking to a Nepali journalist, Promise revealed that Steve approached her after he saw her Avatar makeup video and since then they were first friends and now a couple. Promise has said in interviews that she spends her time in the US mostly in California and LA and enjoys the peacefulness of her native land of Nepal. Promise has once kept a money as a pet and now has petted a bat.

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