Pukar Malla (1979-) is a Nepali youth activist, economist and a community organizer and innovation specialist. He confounded Nepal Ko Yuwa (Youth of Nepal), a non-profit organization that connects Nepali youths in Nepal and in diaspora.

Pukar Malla, as of April 2015, also works as a Senior Research Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School and as a Senior Innovation Policy Specialist at the World Bank.  While at the World Bank he supported the governments of India, China and Ghana to promote innovation and inclusive growth. Also an IT engineer, Malla has worked for global IT giants such as Intel, AMD and Silicon Graphics.

pukar malla

Nepali Name:    पुकार मल्ल
Born: 23 May 1979, Kathmandu-Nepal
Alma Mater: Harvard University 
Spouse: Prativa Pandey Malla
Hobbies: Acting, painting, poetry, Fitness

Early Life & Education

Pukar Malla was born on 23 May 1979 in Kathmandu, Nepal. His father was from the Palpa district in Nepal while her mother was from Birgunj, Parsa. Amidst financial hardships, the couple decided to settle in Kathmandu for the sake of their children’s education. Pukar Malla attended two prestigious schools in Nepal, St. Xavier’s School and Budhanilkantha School.

Though his mother wanted him to become a doctor and he himself aspired to become a cardiologist, he instead decided to continue his education in the USA so that he need not restrict himself to the narrow field of medicine and could, thereby, pursue his passions specially for IT, acting and social work.

Malla moved to the US in 1998 as a student and first joined a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering & Economics at Swarthmore College, a private liberal arts college located in Pennsylvania.

In 2007, Malla completed a MS/PhD in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University. From 2009-2011 Malla attended the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government and graduated with a Master’s in Pubic Administration, specializing in leadership, innovation and development. While at Harvard, he was elected as President of the Harvard Graduate Student Government. Malla is a recipient of the Presidential Public Service Fellowship & Don K Price Award for academic excellence and public service.

Nepal ko Yuwa & Run for Nepal

On 13 November 2008, Pukar Malla and his fellow youth activists established Nepal ko Yuwa, a non-profit global Nepali youth community. As of April 2015, the organization runs three projects; 1. Run for Nepal: walkathons in different cities globally to network and mobilize individuals and organizations that care about Nepal and want to contribute to Nepal’s development. 2. Dayitwa: Dawitya encourages Nepali youths to recognize and contribute to social responsibility and connects aspiring Nepali youths to the government of Nepal. Dawitya fellows work with government ministers, MPs and influential youth leaders in Nepal for up to three months. 3. Naya Ghar project encourages community entrepreneurship, supports young entrepreneurs and local innovation.

Personal Life

Pukar Malla married his girlfriend Prativa Pandey on 4 February 2014. His wife holds a PhD and, as of April 2015, works for a US based research institution.

Pukar Malla has said that he loves acting and has often played “Romeo” in the stage play “Romeo and Juliet”. He has also done modeling and has acted in Nepali music videos. Talking to eNasha, he said of himself:

“I find humility to be one of the most adorable assets in anyone. I like to begin with a big picture. I choose to hold a constant positive attitude, which sometimes gets me into trouble. I listen and wait for my turn. I want to live life to the fullest. I am deeply connected with my family. Nepal is a big part of who i am and what i do.”

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