Sajum Katwal (or Sazum Katuwal/Katwal, सजुम कटुवाल in Nepali) is Nepali model, beauty queen, entrepreneur  and a contestant of Miss Nepal Competition 2016.

Sajum was born in Chovar, Kirtipur Kathmandu in 1995 and spent her childhood there. As of 2016, Sajum is attending a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree at Platinum Management College, Kathmandu, and manages her own start-up Mero-Looks, aka Looks Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Mero Looks organizes a beauty pageant called Miss Grand Nepal.

Sajum Katwal

Native Name: सजुम कटुवाल

Born: 1995, Kirtipur Kathmandu

Profession: Model, entrepreneur

Height: 5ft 4″  

Education: Bachelor of Business Administration

Affiliation: Looks Entertainment Pvt. Ltd

Sajum is the first season winner of Nepal’s College Diva of the year 2015 held in March 2015, a competition organized by Ribbon Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

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In March 2016, Sajum Katwal participated in Miss Nepal Competition 2016 as contestant number 3. She is also trained to work as an air-hostess. In a Miss Nepal contestant feature published in the Nepali tabloid Kantipur Saptahik, Sajum says that she enjoys traveling to new places and loves singing and dancing. In addition, she loves formal dressing and aspires to dedicate herself in social work in the future.

“I want to be a woman who can contribute something meaningful to our society and to our country,” says Sajum.

I decided to participate in this contest because I want to test myself, who I am?” She elaborates, “I want to be a woman who can contribute something meaningful to our society and to our country. And Miss Nepal competition is such a platform which not only transforms an ordinary woman into a strong one, but also helps her stand firm in every sector of society.”

In an interview given to Glamour Nepal, an online entertainment magazine, when asked what was the biggest challenge girl youths facing in Nepal, she said:

“In today’s context the major challenge that girl youth of my age is facing is gender inequality and social violence. To overcome this we need to raise awareness, girl child education is to be encouraged and other activities should be done to empower them.”

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