Sita Pariyar (also known as HottySita) is a former stripper and dancer of Nepali origin, currently based in the United States.

Sita Pariyar was born in 1982 in the Hemja village of Nepal’s Kaski district into a lower middle-class dalit family. She completed her secondary school from a public school in her village. She was married to a human trafficker called Tom Sewell at the age of 17 and shortly after her marriage, she moved to the United States as his wife.

Tom Sewell had been married to Sita’s aunt and a few other women already in the 1990s and since divorcing his previous wives, he had started preying on teenage  girls from poor Nepali villages. Sita was one of Tom’s victims.

Sita Pariyar in 2014.

Nepali Name: सीता परियार

Born: 1982, Kaski, Nepal

Profession: Former stripper/dancer

Citizenship: Nepal, United States

Ethnicity: Nepali/dalit

Once in the United States, Sita was forced to work as a stripper in several night clubs in Dallas, Texas, and Tom Sewell threatened to kill her if she revealed her real situation to her relatives back in Nepal or to the US authorities.

After 8 years of living with Tom, she managed to leave him in 2008 and married Doug Folks, a customer at the Clubhouse Dallas where she used to work.

After leaving Tom, Sita moved to Grinville and took up several jobs as a nanny and caregiver. However, Tom went to Nepal with fabricated stories and managed to marry Sita’s cousin Bindu Pariyar.

As of 2015, both Sita and Bindu have left club-stripping and said to be living a normal life in the USA.

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