Sumnima Singh (born in 1985 in Kathmandu, Nepal) is a medical professional, researcher, writer and a poet.

Sumnima writes with her pen name Bibhuti Singh.  Sumnima came to national limelight when she topped the School Leaving Certificate examinations in 2001. She broke several previous records and became the highest scorer in the history of SLC exams scoring 647 out of 700 (92.43 %). After the SLC results were published, Sumnima  became an instant role model for many students and teenagers in Nepal.

sumnina singh slc board topper
Sumnima Singh was a SLC board topper in 2001.
Nepali Name: सुम्निमा सिंह
Born: 1985, Kathmandu
Profession: Medical Doctor/Researcher

In interviews, Sumnima Singh often said that she wanted to work as a science researcher, but also as a litterateur, vying for two Nobel Prizes in science and literature some day. She completed her SLC, from the Siddhartha Vanasthali Institute, Kathmandu.

After studying medicine in Pakistan, as of 2015, Sumnima is pursuing a PhD at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência in Lisbon, Portugal. She is said to be specializing in biology and immunology.

During her stay in Pakistan she has managed to write and publish a book in Urdu and reportedly became the first foreigner to do so. She has also translated her father Dilu Singh’s poem collection Vaishnav’s poetic garden : Nepali poems, into English. The collection was published by the Saroj Koirala Memorial Foundation in 2004.

Sumnima Singh’s parents Dilu Singh and Anju Singh have also published a book in Nepali highlighting the support and encouragement that they provided to her while she was toiling to win the then most coveted title of Nepal’s matriculation examination. The book’s title in English can be translated as Board First Sumnima and Parent’s Role.

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