sunita-paneru-1Sunita Paneru (सुनिता पनेरु in Nepali) is the mother of the Nepali erotic model and aspiring porn-star Archana Paneru. Sunita has repeatedly said in media interviews that she was the one to encourage her daughter, Archana,  to enter adult and porn entertainment industry.

Sunita Paneru is originally from Mahendranagar, Kanchanpur, a district in Western Nepal. Sunita lived and worked in Mumbai, India for 15 years along with her husband Bhojraj Paneru. The couple has two children, one son and one daughter. While their daughter Archana was expelled from school for engaging in ‘immoral’ and culturally insensitive activities, her son is reportedly attending a high school.

Though initially Sunita encouraged her daughter to give nude shots, later she herself started posting erotic images of herself on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. She also posted a photo where she is smoking a cigarette with her daughter Archana.

In interviews, Sunita Paneru often says that she just wants to encourage her daughter in whatever she wants to do and adult entertainment is something that Archana has chosen herself. In one interview given to NP News, Sunita said: sunita-paneru

“My motherland is Nepal, I was born and raised here. After my marriage, I went Mumbai. After staying there for 15 years, I returned back to Nepal in 2008. I am Paneru from Dadheldhura and my home town is Bohora. I dreamed of becoming an actor and a singer, but it never got real. In Nepal’s context,  women are never supported to study, to do as they wish and (they are supposed) to do whatever their parents told them to do. So as soon as I told my parents about my aim, they married me off and that’s where all my dreams and aims were shattered away. So I didn’t get a chance to do what I wished and dreamed so I am supporting my daughter to do those things what she wants to do, where she can really be happy. That’s my only wish and I have two children, they are my eyes out there and my whole world. “

However, Sunita’s husband, Bhojraj Paneru, has said in only a few interviews he has delivered that he is not approve of whatever Sunita and Archana are doing and he had asked them to do positive things. However, things have turned otherwise.

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