Ular (Nepali Novel)

Ular ( उलार in Nepali) is a popular Nepali novel written by Nepali novelist and short-story writer Nayan Raj Pandey. Ular was first published in 1996 in Tanneri bimonthly magazine and since then the novel has been subsequently published by different publishers. Ular’s latest publication was done by Fineprint in 2015.

Ular is Pandey’s fourth novel and after its publication, the novel received mostly positive critical reviews. Ular is included as a curricular read for Tribhuvan University’s Bachelor-level students majoring in Nepali. Ular’s success has encouraged the author Nayan Raj Pandey to dedicate himself full-time in writing after a two-decade long career in audio-visual production and  screenplay writing.

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ular novel
Ular cover

First Published: 1996

Written By: Nayan Raj Pandey

ISBN: 978-9937-8046-3-9

Publisher: Fineprint Kathmandu

Pages: 86



Ular Nepali Novel: The Plot

Set in Nepalgunj, a town in Western Nepal, Ular is the story of a cart-driving labourer who finds himself in trouble and misery of his horse dies. In the local language of Terai, Ular literally denotes a misbalance in a cart caused by load concentration at the back.

Ular raises the issue of Nepal’s corrupt political culture through Premlalawa, a middle class laborer whose cart was used by a political leader. Premlalawa decides to travel to the capital city Kathmandu to demand compensation for the damage. In doing so, Premlalawa encounters several problems that portray Nepal’s age-old problems of poverty, unemployment and widespread corruption.

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